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NYU Tandon MFE vs UCLA MFE vs UChicago MSFM


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I have trouble figuring out which will be the best program for me. I have a bachelors degree in an engineering program but non MFE related field (not CS, Math/stats, Finance, Econ, etc.), but I had a job experience using a lot of data analysis/ML. I have a good understanding of finance by working towards CFA certification. I don't have any experience in the quantitative finance field, so any recommendation on which program will be better for me is appreciated.

Things I consider:
1. UCLA: under business school, good weather, BUT non "finance" location
2. UChicago: brand name, "finance" location, more Trading/HF, BUT cold winter tho
3. NYU: higher in rank and its trending upwards, NYC, better career service(?), BUT longer program

**also, me and my GF currently live in SF which makes me think about the distance from SF as another variable. Relocation to LA is easier rather than to others

Please Advise, thanks
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What is your end goal - buy side, sell side, quant fund etc? I'd prefer UChicago btw over the others. NYU Tandon - good chatter but its big risk to take as any improvement in the program are outside if your influence.