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I got an email from NYU GSAS a couple of weeks back saying that I have the option of submitting a 5 minute video to strengthen my application (before 4th Jan 2012). Also it was mentioned tat the video would be used only at the final stage to distinguish between two applicants..

I am kinda busy for a couple of weeks and am not sure if I can do it on time.. I am worried if this would impact the application decision to a great extent..

What should do now ?
Guys who are applying to NYU, did u submit the video ??
I am applying and planning to do the video. IMO the video is there to test your English speaking abilities. So if you are a native speaker I do not think it has too much value. If not, then you should probably do it. No matter how busy you are, you can always squeeze out an hour or so right? Of course, I could be completely wrong.
The video is more or less to evaluate your presentation and English speaking skill. I would expect a small number of applicants submit video. Make sure you have a good lighting, recorder and microphone when you record it.
This wouldn't affect much of your chance. You won't get penalized for not submitting it but if you are a borderline candidate, they may take a look at this.
Again, it won't be looked at during the preliminary stage where 70% or so applicants will not be considered further.


Quant Headhunter
I can speak Cantonese.
Actually, no, that's a lie, I barely speak French and my German causes natives to laugh out loud.

But if it was critical to my life, I could blag my way through a 5 minute video, indeed at webcam quality I reckon I could do lipsync.

It would be a lot harder to fake my race of course, but I have no evidence that this is why a video is being used rather than audio.

However American university admissions processes monotonically progress towards,
actually I can't think what they are progressing towards, it ain't quality and it ain't fairness and ain't good.

In any case you have to do this shit because if you don't then someone else will.

One day, soon, an American university will evaluate the...

sorry to interrupt myself again but I was going to write "evaluate the ability of physics undergrads to hop"
But then I realised that nearly all American universities do this already since the Triple Jump, which is what the Olympics calls it, used to be called the hop, skip and jump and you can get your fees and living allowance by being able to hop just so long as you skip to a high standard as well.
Thanks Li Cai.. Yea, I am gonna try and race against time to do it..

The video is more or less to evaluate your presentation and English speaking skill. I would expect a small number of applicants submit video.

Andy, wat u say is probably true..

"Do not be concerned if there is substantial redundancy between your written personal statement and your video."
I am gonna repeat 50 % from my SOP..