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on GPA and jobs

Hey vkaul, if you have strong GPA(s), I'd say leave it in there even if you've been working for a couple years. Besides some firms want to see GPAs -- we have a client that want us to provide GPAs when we submit resumes regardless of how long the candidate has been working. Yes it has irked a candidate or two!

Keep in mind that recruiters and hiring managers typically check multiple things on the resume...and the more strong items, the better the candidate (at least the perception). So for instance, I typically for:

1. places one has worked at, how long they worked there, what they did/accomplished
2. schools one attended, GPAs, degrees
3. standardized test scores -- GRE, GMAT, brainbench, etc.
4. awards, honors, anything that has one stand out

So my point is GPA is one of many things that is taken into consideration -- it can help to have a strong one on a resume but it can also hurt if you have a GPA that is considered low. For instance, our clients are big on 3.7s and above. Usually anything below 3.5 isn't considered good. Keep in mind, this is perception -- there are tons of candidates who has lower GPA (or in some cases never finished school) that are stellar and could blow anyone socks off.

Does this help?

GPA is not a problem for me. I have GPA of 3.9 for masters in math and 4.0 for PhD and masters in ECE. Can you count the GPA of only the PhD courses you use towards your requirement? Anyway I am overall 3.9 so it doesn't matter much. But I thought it seems too childish to write GPA when you already started working for some years. IT shows that your work is not good enough,maybe.
My GRE was 1550 but that was given 51/2 years back. What is its relevance for jobs?