Online / Distance Quantitative finance courses

Hello All,

I am working in Tokyo with a large IB in its IT division servicing some trading functions, and I am planning on pursuing education in quantitative finance. For some reasons I am not in a position to pursue full time option and since I am in Tokyo I dont have any part time choices either.
Hence I am planning to join an online/distance degree in Quantitative finance.
I found most of such colleges are not in the US (except columbia) but there are a few in UK and one in Singapore. Names I have so far come across are
1. NUS
2. University of London (SOAS)
3. University of Leicester
4. Columbia University
5. University of York (UK)
6. University of Reading (ICMA)
I might have missed some would appreciate if someone could add to the list.

My question is, how would anyone rank these courses in terms of the content / delivery / reputation.
Also since I am looking job change within the firm in a quant role during or after the course would it be possible for anyone to advise on the same, as to whether this is possible and has anyone managed to change successfully ?

Thank you very much !


Quant Headhunter
One factor to take into account is which courses your bank will pay for.
At some of course it is zero, but many CQFers are paid for by their employers and your HR department will have its own views.
Carnegie Mellon recently started an online MSCF degree program. It is surprising to me that its cost is equal to their regular fulltime program.