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Online learning experience MFE

I think this is a question that would interest quite many of you but I haven't been able to find one on this forum. Those of you that learnt part of you MFE course online, how was your experience? In terms of learning, projects, socializing and internship/job search? Any comment welcome! Really interested to know. If you could also state which program you went to that would be wonderful but if you want to keep it anonymously that's also fine

I think this is a great initiative and can be a very interesting topic especially given the COVID circumstance. I am also deeply interested in learning more about online offerings and I think distance learning is becoming a new trend now.

Personally, I tried two courses on QuantNet, C++ for financial engineering and Option Primer.

C++ course on Quantnet is an excellent course. This course's learning curve is quite steep and requires significant dedication. You will spend a great deal of time searching information from the course forum and debugging your own codes. Note only the last module is focused on computational finance and other modules are dedicated to programming. Highly recommended and I am planning to take advanced C++ when I find some time.

For the option primer, I enrolled during the experiment phase but I was not able to complete it due to work conflicts and other life commitments. Course contents are very rigorous and require a good grasp of calculus. Since I can still access the material so my re-enrollment plan is put on hold. Anyway, I highly recommended this course as well.

In addition to the resources that are available on Quantnet and UCB pre-MFE (discussed somewhere else), I also find these two programs intriguing and like to see what people think about them.

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