Operations Analyst in Investment Bank: How helpful?

Hello, I recently got a job offer as an Operations Analyst in a well-known Investment Bank. My final goal is to work as a quant (or more generally, in the Financial Engineering industry) and was also debating going into graduate school for MFE. How helpful is experience as an Operations Analyst in an IB would be in both relevancy to Financial Engineering careers, and in terms of adding credibility for future quant-related job securement?

Thank you.
Operations/Product Control are not quant positions and you will use no financial engineering concepts in the job. With that said, it will give you exposure to the trade capture process and will give you some good insight into the underlying mechanics of, e.g., P&L attribution and FOBO reconciliation. Having experience in Ops/PC at a BB bank certainly will add credibility to any position you apply to in the future. My advice would be to take the job, learn about the industry, and then leave after 2-3 years to pursue a MSc in Quant Finance/MFE (you'll at least have some $$$ to put towards your education). The experience certainly won't hurt and will give you some tractable product knowledge/something to put on your resume - but if you want to eventually become a quant then the MFE should definitely be on your radar.