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MIT MFin OPT after MIT MFin?


I'm an international student who is applying for MFE programs now.
My plan is to settle down in North America after my master's degree, and US is my first priority. My preferred jobs are related to fixed-income securities, risk management or actuarial.

The eligibility for the 17-month OPT extension will be very important for me. It can give me much more time to seek jobs that sponsor my H1B visa. And even if I can't find a sponsored job, with 2.5 years US working experience it will be much easier for me to immigrate to Canada.

Please refer to here:
"To be eligible for the 17-month OPT extension, a student must have received a degree included in the STEM Designated Degree Program List."

The source:

Some programs, like those offered by Columbia, Cornell etc. can be either categorized into Engineering Technologies or Mathematics and Statistics.
However, does MIT MFin satisfy this criteria? And what about other programs?

Andy Nguyen