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Options Knowledge Quiz

As the US is re-opening, employers are reporting a shortage of qualified employees. This could not be a better time for many of us seeking a career in the finance industry.

Whether you are applying for MFE programs, preparing for an internship, or your first job, knowledge of options theory is required in all of your upcoming interviews.

Are you really prepared to take advantage of the market?

Take our Options Knowledge Quiz to find out. It's free, quick and we will email you a copy of the quiz with the correct answers immediately.

Materials from the quiz are based on our online course, An Intuition-Based Options Primer for Financial Engineering, centered around interview questions in options trading and arbitrage. The course includes over 60 new interview questions and more than 15 interview questions videos.

The course was created by Professor Dan Stefanica, director of the Baruch MFE program, and as teaching assistant, Professor Rados Radoicic will guide each student individually. Dan and Rados conducted thousands of interviews and co-authored two quant interview books (most recently, Probability and Stochastic Calculus Quant Interview Questions).

Enrollment is open, and you can start right away. Enroll today to ace your interviews!
Only got 2/5 correct (one stupid arithmetic mistake). Clearly trading meme stock options since February did not help shape my intuition at all.
You can keep trying. The pool of question covers other topics that you may find relevant as well. Hopefully, it will help you better execute your options trading. To the moon :)