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Princeton MFin ORFE at Princeton


I am considering both options of pursuing either a PhD or MFE. I came across the PhD in Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton and I was hoping that someone knows something about this. First of all, is this a good option for someone wanting to enter the financial industry as a quant but preffering the Phd route to an MFE for personal reasons? It seems that it is a good option as opposed to appl math or stats PhD as there will be no need to pursue a masters afterwards. However, could anyone comment on the skillset that will be gained in this program compared to appl math or stats? I would also be really interested to hear anything about the competitiveness of this program in terms of acceptance rates, GPA, and GRE. I realize that it is Princeton so I will inevitably get some reponses along the ines of "if you have to ask you can't get in," but hopefully someone has some concrete stats on this program. Lastly, how respectful is the ORFE department compared to other departments at Princeton? Thanks for your help!