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Oxford or Imperial

Which university should I attend?

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Hi all

I have got offers from Oxford[Maths & Computational Finance], Imperial[Maths & Fin] and King's[Fin maths]. In my opinion, Oxford>Imperial> King's [Mathematics Department], although there are a few advantages of being at Imperial over Oxford.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
I agree with Paul (As those MSc are postgraduate degrees). It would have been different if you were hesitating between undergraduate degrees.
Go to Oxford. You're doing this to maximise your chances of getting a job in finance. Financial firms are brand names whores. Almost everyone you work with will have been to Oxbridge, and now you can join "the club" and be treated equally to them.
@ Paul and Michel:
Are both of you EU citizens?

@ Connor and Barny:
Thanks for your point of view :)
Thanks Michel and Paul :)
I would be happy if other members of quantnet could post their point of views too.