Paid summer internship at Dresdner Kleinwort

Uncle Max

There is a paid summer internship opportunity at Dresdner Kleinwort. The deadline for the internship is MONDAY January 22, so PLEASE APPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. PLEASE NOTE, A COVER LETTER IS REQUIRED FOR THIS PPORTUNITY. Please look at
for examples, and try to have your cover letter double checked by a friend, mentor, or at the very least spell and grammar check it-- this is of huge importance!! Please apply via for this opportunity.
Here is the description:
Capital Markets Summer Analyst

To learn more about career opportunities, please visit our website,
Dresdner Kleinwort is the investment bank of Dresdner Bank AG and a member
of the Allianz Group. We provide a full range of investment banking
services through an extensive international network. Dresdner Kleinwort is
primarily focused on providing quality strategic M&A advisory services and
brings a powerful Equity and Debt Capital Markets capability to its
clients. The Firm employs 7,000 people globally with significant operations
in London, Frankfurt, New York and Tokyo, Sao Paolo and Moscow. This global reach enables us to offer opportunities world-wide.

Capital Markets includes Fixed Income, Equities, and Foreign Exchange
Divisions. These teams are managed under one integrated platform where
synergies are harnessed into managing risk and capitalizing on returns from
a trading perspective and strengthening client relationships by providing
them with creative financing solutions on the back of our derivatives
platform. Our strong proprietary trading focus and highly entrepreneurial
culture is what differentiates us from our competitors.

A 12 week program within Capital Markets, we recruit into Trading, Sales
and Structuring roles across the different divisions. Traders are decision
makers, they need to be numerical and possess a thorough understanding of
market dynamics to allow themselves to manage risk and reap rewards.
Salespersons are sophisticated in determining the needs of the clients and
identifying solutions with the products and services of the Firm.
Structurers have a dual function: take ideas that salespersons synthesize
from the Street and incorporate them into a product that can be sold
directly to the client or traded by the traders.

Dresdner Kleinwort expects to hire exceptionally accomplished,
self-motivated individuals with the capability to work effectively in the
high pressured, yet rewarding, environment of investment banking. The Firm
requires and expects the highest ethical and professional standards of its
employees. A background in finance, economics or accounting is preferred.
The Firm is looking for students with an outstanding academic record that
places them in the top percentiles of their class, as well as demonstrated
leadership ability through involvement in extracurricular activities such
as student government, athletics, and cultural and entrepreneurial

Positions are available in New York.

Yan He

Hi, Max, thanks for sharing this info.
But are you sure the deadline is Jan 22 ?? Since it's website says deadline for summer intern program is Jan 15, 2007.

Uncle Max

I'm not sure. I've got this letter from another person. Apply anyway, may be they extended deadline, and didn't post on the web-site...