Part qualified actuary - Profile Evaluation

I'm an MSc student from India considering MathFin courses in the UK.

Statistics Major​
Well known college affiliated with University of Mumbai​
GPA - 3.95/4​
Relevant Math courses​
4 calculus courses (avg score 91%)​
4 algebra courses (avg score 91%)​
Finite Mathematics (81%)​
Differential Equations (82%)​
Relevant Stats Courses​
Probability Theory (95%)​
Stochastic processes (97%)​
Programming Skills​
Only took a couple of programming classes covering Python, SQL and Java OOP.​
Comfortable with R and excel.​
Different well known college affiliated University of Mumbai​
GPA - 9.1/10 (2 semesters into a 4 semester course)​
Actuarial Exams (From the Indian Institute). Passed 9 exams out of 14 required for fellowship. Each subject below is a separate paper.
Financial Mathematics​
Finance and Financial Reporting​
Financial Engineering and Loss Reserving​
Probability and Mathematical Statistics​
Business Economics​
Risk Modelling and Survival Analysis​
General Insurance, Life and Health Contingencies​
Communications Practice​
Modelling Practice​

Passed CFA L1 and L2 with scores above 90 percentile. I expect to clear either CFA level 3 or FRM level 1 and 2 before starting the course.
Work Experience
~3 months work experience at a mid-market PE fund.​
I'm expecting 1 LOR from the vice principal at my undergrad college and 1 from the GP at the PE fund.​
I am worried that my lack of relevant work experience and programming chops will weigh my application down. I'm having a hard time picking colleges to apply to.

I'd appreciate any feedback about my profile and choice of programs.

Target Schools:
LSE Financial Maths​
UCL Financial Mathematics​
University of Waterloo MQF, Canada​

Reach Schools:
Imperial Math and Fin​
Oxford MSc MCF​
Cambridge MASt Applied Mathematics​

I'm sticking to UK and Canada owing to financial constraints and am open to colleges in the EU.

I haven't taken the GRE yet but I'm scoring ~168Q, 163V on mock tests and can take the test if required.

I'd appreciate any feedback about my profile and choice of programs.