Personal Statement for Financial Mathematics master

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I would really appreciate some comments on my personal statement.

Here are the requirements:

Address your mathematical qualifications, any relevant experience and eventual career ambitions. (4,000 characters maximum)

My passion for quantitative finance stems from my desire to model risks into the valuation of financial instruments. Working part-time as an equity research analyst, I have come to understand how risk is a key element in the recipe for investment success, and return without risk is just a false hope. Risk and return are interconnected drivers of the financial world. Market participants often focus on return, which can’t be easily controlled, as opposed to the exposure to risk, which can actually be managed.

At the end of my first undergraduate year, I began working part-time as an equity research analyst attracted by the thrill of analyzing stocks and conducting research. I quickly realized how future uncertainty makes the task very speculative. But, by employing mathematical and statistical models, combined with derivatives, one could reduce the exposure to risk and protect a client’s portfolio.
With this objective in mind, I grew a strong fondness for quantitative modules such as Empirical Finance, Advanced Statistics, and Econometrics with R. These introduced me to concepts of calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and other essential mathematical tools. What I enjoyed most about these subjects is that they create models and analytical approaches to analyze problems and phenomena occurring around me. Then, I applied such notions in my Financial Derivatives and Financial Engineering courses. I found fascinating the plethora of financial products that can be priced with the same mathematical model and assuming risk-neutral valuation. However, a master’s degree in Financial Mathematics at King’s College London would provide me further insight into how stochastic interest rates and additional financial risks affect valuations.

I would like to become an expert in derivative pricing to help clients reduce exposure to risk and achieve their financial objectives. Many investors have discounted the need for managing risk because supported by the longest bull market in history. But in the long-term, it will not be hard to distinguish who hedged risks from who didn’t.

There are many reasons why I chose XXX: the course structure, the location, and the faculty. Your course structure is heavily focused on mathematics, which will help me develop the attributes needed further in my career. Seeking a career in risk management, the course will improve my prospects after graduation. Secondly, the location will offer me an excellent environment to network with industry professionals and academics at conferences and public lectures. This will reduce the gap between my academic and professional careers. Moreover, I have heard some outstanding names such as Dr. John Armstrong, Professor Markus Riedle and Professor Tiziana Di Matteo. Taking her Econophysiscs module will certainly be meliorating.

In conclusion, I will proactively contribute to enriching the quality of the Financial Mathematics program with a multicultural education, an attention to the environmental, social and ethical aspects of financial analysis and by striving for excellence. I recently passed my first CFA exam and I plan to continue on this journey.
Currently, I am on track to achieve a first-class degree from the XXX.

Thank you very much!