PhD vs MFE?


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I am currently in the middle of my Ph.D. in statistics in a 30-ranking university. Chance of getting an interview is slim here so i am thinking about MFE. Is it better to apply now or after getting the Ph.D.? Does Ph.D. really matter for quant? And also are there a lot of applicants who have Ph.D.? :-k


Andy Nguyen

Why do you think your chance of getting an interview is not remotely slimmer in an MFE program?
Being an MFE students is not magically making you more marketable. Do I have to tell you the number of MFE graduates that disappear and nobody ever knows if they got a job. Even their program can't track them down.

What should you do? Get yourself out there (literally): meet people, participate on site like this, put your resume up where people can see them, tell people why they should hire you, post the code of some trading system you wrote, so on and so forth.