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Phone interview

Hi All

I have applied for admission. I saw on this forum that suitable applicants get a phone call from the Director. Usually what questions he ask on the interview? Any idea?

Thanks Andy and Woody. I would like to know what subjects he will touch on. By the way, I met Professor Stefanica couple of times at the end of last year.

You will be asked genuine questions regarding to the coursework you have done. Be confident and if possible revise the maths courses you have taken. You will quizzed rationally.

Good luck
Will you hangout with your classmates?

Make sure it's a yes...otherwise you're out!...j/k
Pijush, a few tips for phone interviews:
1. Try and do it from a land line. We're actually seeing clients specifically request that candidates take calls from a land line. A lot of people are wary of cell phone reception.
2. Speak clearly -- I know it goes without saying but make a conscious effort.
3. Don't interrupt the interviewer -- again, goes without saying but in certain cultures (or perhaps certain regions of the world) it's pretty common to interrupt others. When I grew up in India, we did it all the time and it was just how people communicated....at least the people I spoke with. Now, I'm a lot more aware of that and really notice it when someone does it. Just something to keep in mind.
4. Be relaxed and rested -- again, verrrry obvious but I don't know if everyone does it.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.