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PHOTO: A daytrip to NYSE Trading Floor

Dear Students, Alumni, and Professors:

The Quant Network at Baruch's Financial Engineering MS Program would like to invite you to a talk with Murray Teitelbaum of the New York Stock Exchange for a lecture/discussion on financial current events including Archipelago, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and linear markets.

This seminar will not be held at Baruch but at the New York Stock Exchange where there will be a Q&A session and a visit to the Members Gallery where we can view the actual trading floor!

This is an excellent once in a lifetime opportunity to see the NYSE trading floor in action and a way to increase your knowledge of the financial industry (impress people at those interviews! :))

We need at least 20 people to RSVP by the end of next Friday 3/30 11:59pm so please do respond!

When you RSVP please
PM me the following information:

* First Name and Last Name
* Passport ID# (preferred) OR Social Security Number
* Date of Birth

Time: Wednesday, April 18 2pm-3:30pm
Location:New York Stock Exchange (more details to come)

Please RSVP yes/maybe/no even if you are not 100% sure so the organizers can gauge the interest. We will give priority to MFE students. If we don't meet the quota, then we will extend this invitation to the Baruch MBA students.

You can also PM the required information to Chris. I know this is a privacy concern of many but it's for security reason only. Your private information will be treated with utmost care. After all, the document requirement is very reasonable because we are living in a post 9/11 world.

We have been talking about this since last year so I hope to see many of you joining us on this trip.
I can go, although it says 'maybe' up there. Chris, you may have to 'remove' me from the 'maybe' so I can add myself to the 'yes.'
Also as a reminder guys I need to get your SSN/PassportID and Date of Birth as soon as possible. I need to provide Murray with this information so he can prepare for our visit.



In my humble opinion, it's better to wear business attire -- you'll never know what impression or connection you might make... so, it's better to prepare and present your best.

Just to clarify, he did not explicitly mention to wear formal attire. I read/saw pictures on the internet that other classes that attended wore formal attire.

However, I agree with Bridgett. You should definitely wear formal attire if you are able to since it would leave a good impression.
Hey guys,

I just got a response back from Murray regarding the NYSE event.

Please meet at security entrance at 2 broad st.(corner wall&broad).

Students should read the first two chapters of the booklet NYSE
Guide on the NYSE website-hit the icon -all about the NYSE-then hit
education and scroll down to materials.

Business attire is preferred.

The guide can be found here: http://www.nyse.com/pdfs/nyse_bluebook.pdf

For other education materials you can look at:


For those who can't meet at QuantNet lounge (i.e. part timers) lets try to meet at the corner of Wall St and Broad at 1:45pm.


2, 3 to Wall St.
4, 5 to Wall St./Broadway
J, Z to Broad St./Wall St.
R, W to Rector St.

Path Trains
Hoboken-World Trade Center
Newark-World Trade Center

More directions can be found here: http://www.nyse.com/about/newsevents/1095581297148.html

Also people asked how formal the attire that should be worn should be. It seems that it is very formal when visiting there. Here are couple of sites of people here is what they were wearing when they visited just to give you an idea.

W O W !!!!!...

amazing experience.... Especially seeing the trading floor....

Thanks a lot to everybody who made this possible.....