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PHOTO: QuantNet PaintBall/Rafting

Hey everyone,

Finals are soon to be over! This is an call to everyone who would like to
go to paintballing to celebrate. QuantNet is planning a trip on Saturday 6/9 at Jim Thrope Rafting and Skirmish Paintball
Pocono Whitewater Rafting Adventures - Rafting Through Lehigh River Gorge

Please feel free to invite any friends or family who would be interested. The drive is 2 hours and we are planning to meet at Baruch at 7:30am.

If you are willing and able to drive please PM me
Judging on the number of people who are going we will see if we can reserve a field for ourselves (we need at least 20).

Admission for paintball is $30 and will include admission to the fields, gun, goggles, facemask, Co2/N2, field judges, and all day play.

Paintballs will cost around $35 dollars a person(for 500 paintballs) The price may be lower depending on the people we can get to go. You can also purchase any more or less paintballs when you arrive there.

Whitewater rafting will cost $54.95 and includes all necessary rafting equipment and life jacket.

Please RSVP by 5/25 so we can call for a reservation.
Hope you all can come. The more the merrier!:D



Older and Wiser
I can drive 6 people with me but they have to come to Convent Station. I can pick them up and drive from there to skirmish. I'm closer to Pennsylvania.
For deposit I will need to see how many people are coming. I will notify everyone to put some amount once we get a final number and confirm our reservation.

As for transportation, we have Alain confirmed and Hien is a maybe. I will see if I could get some friends to come to give rides as well.


I can drive 6 people with me but they have to come to Convent Station. I can pick them up and drive from there to skirmish. I'm closer to Pennsylvania.

So do I.
We can pick up like 3 ppl at Convent Station too.
The round trip ticket from Penn to Covent is $14

I'm hesitant to invite complete strangers since we are driving down there. I'm trying to invite friends to come hopefully we can get more people. I try to find out who is coming exactly and reserve.


Hey Tom, Chris, Alain, Hien

Are the marks gone ?
I just found out that the hit marks on my backs are now fading away. They were yellowish a couple of days later but now almost completely gone.
I hate to be the guy Tom hit at pointblank. I don't think that mark will go away :)

Any plan for late summer rafting, paintball ?

I would go for rafting!!!