Physics BA after quantitative analyst position interview

Emilija Mo

New Member
So I have a BA degree in Applied physics and it's been already two years since I finished my studies. Currently I am working as a data analyst in e-commerce company but I tried to send my CV to a bank for a quant position. The interviewer liked my education (he also has degree in physics so I guess he liked me simply because of that) and I feel like my interview went really well. He asked me some questions about the ideas of quantum mechanics and theory of probability just to check if I had basic understanding of probabilities and that was all the maths he wanted me to know. The last thing I had to do is to solve basic kind-of-an-IQ-test which was not directly related to the position and there is the last interview going to happen tomorrow just to discuss my answers of the test.

I feel that there is a really high chance for me to get hired. But I have started to get paranoid: it's been two years since I finished my studies and even if I have a good statistical intuition, am fast learner and not afraid of challenges, by now I do not even remember how to solve a simple differential equations or integrate in general.

Some people say that I would be able to relearn all the needed maths really quickly since I have already studied them. At the same time I am thinking "what if I fail?".

Do I have any chances here?