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CMU MSCF Pittsburgh campus vs NY campus

Yuchen LIU

Active Member
Hey guys,

I'm considering choosing Pittsburgh campus or NY campus in CMU's application.

In my opinion in Pittsburgh campus students can get better experience in courses, have better opportunities to interact with professors and classmates, while in NY campus students can have more recruiting opportunities. As an international student, I cannot decide which is better for me. I also heard most part-time students choose NY campus and I'm not sure about it. Does anyone have opinions or insights about this issue?

Any point would be helpful and appreciated~


Active Member
That is just generic verbatim that's been repeated class after class but is not all that true or practically relevant.

Less than half of students chose to attend class after the first semester, there's a single digit number of students who attend office hours or make an effort to interact with the professors, and the recruiting benefits of the New York campus is overstated and is very skewed.

Here's a couple of consideration that I think you should consider:

1) Cost of living.
2) Quality of food.
3) If you have any friends in New York (perhaps from your undergrad) that you would spend time outside of the MSCF program.