Please help evaluate my profile

Hello everyone, please can you help me decide if I'm being too ambitious for the MFE programs.
I'm currently a data scientist looking to transition into quant roles.
  • Indian, Age 22. (US citizen though)
  • Undergrad in Chemical engineering with minor in Computer Science from NIT Trichy (top 10 in India) 8.12/10 GPA
  • GRE 170Q 157V
  • Work ex:
    • Data Science internship in ChemE from IIT Madras
    • Couple of research internships in chemical engineering
    • 12+ months full time experience as a data scientist in FMCG Fortune 500 company.
  • Coursework:
    • Lots of calculus courses as part of engineering, maybe less prob/stat.
    • Lots of Machine learning, data science online certifications + work exp
    • Working on a few finance courses online
    • C++, R and Python intermediate fluency
  • Target Programs
    • UCB MFE
    • Columbia MFE
    • U Chicago
    • CMU
    • Cornell
    • UCLA
    • Georgiatech
Just want to make sure I am not wasting my time by being very unprepared by applying as is. Please lmk if you have any suggestions on what I can do to strengthen my profile.
Not in a position to take CFA/FRM, hoping that wont be too much of a deal breaker.