Please help me find a path to Quantitative finance front office.

For the last 4 years, my goal has been to work in quantitative finance. I have worked very hard in order the come closer to my goal.

I am pursuing BSc. in Mathematics at a Tier-2 target European school. I am soon 24, I moved back and forth between majors during my early 20s due to family circumstances and depression.

I would like to know what would be a good path to break into the front office? I am already starting to network heavily. I have been successfully trading a 30k account with trailing returns of 15% over the past 2 years with very low risk.

I will obtain my BSc. in mathematics by the time I am 26, with a focus on Probability and numerical analysis. I expect a GPA of ~3.4, will my age be an issue? Should I enroll in a top Quantitative finance program? I would be 27-28 by the time I finish. I also have decent developer skills, maybe computational finance would be a better route?

Am I on the right path towards breaking into quant finance? What can I do to improve my odds? Thanks.