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Preparation for GS Strats London interview


Hey guys.

I hope I can get some suggestions for my interview preparation. My background is machine learning/CS. I am in my second year of master. I have no finance background. Now I got a final interview invitation from GS Strats division at London. I am applying the new analyst program. The interview will be after Jan. 11. 2016.

I know the interview would be mostly about probability/coding/fit question. I got no finance question in the previous interview. But I really feel I should know some basic finance knowledge. Is anyone know what kind of thing I should know before the interview? Or any resource I should follow?

Any input is very welcomed!

BTW. The final interview will be conducted remotely due to the trouble to get UK visa. Anything suggestion about remote interview?

Thanks and hope you all have a good holiday.


Gavin L

Well-Known Member
C++ Student
Having no finance is completely fine - if you don't have any finance classes on your transcript, they won't ask you about it. What they may ask is why you are interested in financial markets and how your skills might fit into GS.