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Princeton MFin Princeton 2012 Master in Finance Applications

I see that somebody on the tracker has received an interview invite. Any news from other applicants? I haven't heard anything.
Does anyone know if they send out all interviews at once or not? The Tracker only has information for one candidate saying he received an interview on the 7th of January last year, nobody else seems to have mentioned when they received their invite.
Yep, Princeton only takes people that they interview. The question is if any more interview invites are being sent out or not. But then, why would they not send all interview invitations out at once given that they only interview 100 people and only consider your application after the deadline? I'm going to assume a rejection and go cry myself to sleep.
congrats man.. :) when did u receive the invite?
guys any other programs that might give the results in the near future?
downandin - do you live in the US/hold the right to live there or are you an international applicant (from somewhere like Europe or Asia)?
Andy - looks like, in previous years, decisions have come out by the 2nd week of February for most people (going back to 2005). Any chance you can check the Tracker to see the exact date people updated their profile to say they received an interview last year?
It might be hard to schedule 100 interviews all at once, and I am guessing that there might be more to be sent out. Take it easy and enjoy the last few days before the grad study:)
The two guys on the Tracker have masters degree .. Does princeton accept recent grads (those with only a bachelor degree ) ?