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Princeton MFin Princeton 2012 Master in Finance Applications

Good news for the ones who haven't heard back from Princeton. My friend received an interview notice yesterday. It seems that they are still sending out the emails.

Thanks for this, it's got me out of depression! I'm not expecting anything, but I feel that my "profile" is stronger than some people who have received interviews, so I'm feeling really gutted at not being given any chance.
The Princeton interviews should be over by now. The interview invite email I received mentioned Jan 30 as the last date for the interviews. The admission decision will be out in two weeks. Can hardly wait !
Yes mate ! They received their admission decisions on the 8th/9th.. Going by that I am assuming we should have the results by the 10th of Feb which is a Friday.

I think you're going the wrong way. Assuming it's the same day of the week, it would be 7th/8th (or 14th/15th).