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COMPARE Princeton vs Berkeley

I have recently been accepted to both the Princeton MFin and the Berkeley MFE programs and am having trouble deciding. They both have excellent placement for both internships and full time positions. Berkely is only one year which is definitely a plus however Princeton obviously has a great name and has a broader coursework which is also a plus. Does anybody have any advice they can share? Much appreciated!

I'd go with Berkeley. IMO a master's degree is something that you want minted on your resume ASAP so you can get working. After all, every year in MS has a massive opportunity cost. EG you pay five figures while missing out on five figures worth of salary.

Anyhow, holy sh!t. Good job on the getting in.
I have heard Princeton is a bit theoretical and research type. I do not know and I have just heard it. You need to verify it for yourself. I did not apply either as I got through Berkeley before Princeton deadline. I am going to Berkeley.