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Profile assessment/improvement suggestions

Hello everyone,
This is a brief description of my profile
Mechanical engineering from IIT Kharagpur (top 5 engineering colleges in India), CGPA: 8.87/10
Courses taken: Maths 1(A), Maths 2(A), Transform Calculus (Excellent), Partial Differential Equations (Excellent), probability and statistics(A), control systems (Excellent), programming and data structures (A)
CFA Level 1 cleared
Work experience:

1.5 years in RBS as Risk Analyst
1 year in credit Suisse as counter-party credit risk analyst.
Work experience has components ranging from coding in Python for automation purposes to understanding the model methodology for exposure computation of credit products like CDO’s, repo transactions, model calibration/monitoring etc.

I am looking for applying for courses staring in 2022 to top 10 US schools like CMU MFE, COLUMBIA MFE, UCB MFE, PRINCETON MFE, NYU MFE, MIT MFIN, UoW COMPUTATIONAL FINANCE.

Please help me with profile evaluation for the said colleges above and, what can I add to my profile to improve my chances in subsequent applications in later years toward the same goal.

I know that these sort of questions are frowned upon but please throw some insights since I am heavily considering this option.
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