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Profile Eval/Education Advice

Hi all,

I'm currently a junior pursuing a double major in Finance and Decision Science (essentially applied stats) from San Francisco State University w/ a major GPA of 3.95 (cum GPA of 3.0) I've yet to take any higher level math classes although I could blitz through calc 3 and linear algebra during my last three semesters and pick up a math minor before I graduate in Spring 2021.

I recently completed Sales Operations internship in the Silicon valley and just signed an offer letter for a treasury analyst internship at a mid level hedge fund.

As far as programming goes I'm proficient in SQL and am currently teaching myself python/R.

What do you think my chances of getting into a top MFE program are upon graduation if I blitz my math classes, achieve a high GRE score, and build some good programming projects?

If my chances aren't so hot, what steps should I take to break into quant finance?

Thanks so much for your help