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Profile Evaluation: 167(Q) for MSF/ MFE

Hi All,

It will be really helpful if you can help me on deciding what will be safe universities (if any) among the following -

  1. Princeton
  2. MIT
  3. Carnegie Mellon University
  4. LBS
  5. HEC Paris
  6. Haas
  7. Baruch
My profile Snapshot -

Country - India
Education Snapshot - Major in Electrical Engineering with GPA 7.65 (When converted to US grading system, it is showing as 4 in WES)
University - Rank 5 in India (Jadavpur University)
Achievements - Published a paper in an international journal on image processing suggesting novel usage of optimization methods
GRE - 151 (V), 167(Q), 4.5 (AWA)

LOR Options -

  1. From CTO in my company
  2. From Senior Director in my company
  3. From a Senior partner in IBM
  4. Professor from Indian Statistical Institute
Work Ex -

Total - 5.5 years
Relevant - 3 years
Regular Kaggle participant (Was within the top 71% in one of the challenges)

Currently working as Senior Research Analyst in CRISIL (part of S&P Global Inc.)

Relevant work experience -

A. Worked on creating a news prioritization product for Buy Side Asset Managers in R and Python -
1. Components include text classification, assigning impact scores on the basis of adstock concept
2. Used dictionary based named entitiy recognition for finding tags for articles
3. Leveraged IBM Watson's Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Classifier module for
understanding key attributes of the article
4. Implemented Vowpal Wabbit based back testing system on the impact score and different financial
B. Created a new scoring methodology for Portfolio Optimization for Buy Side Managers using news data
C. Scraped interest rates for different banks and measured its association with the bank stock price
D. Created an automated announcement classifier mechanism for incoming alerts from Stock Exchanges
1. Components include automated information extraction framework based on Spacy and implementing an
automated POS tagger for feature generation
2. Created a deep learning-based hybrid framework for automatic classification of announcements​
E. Used LSTM based RNN system for forecasting volatility

It will be really great if any of the listed universities above turn out to be a safe university for me. If not, it will be really helpful if you can point me some of the universities which I can deem safe as per my mentioned profile.

Thanks & Regards,
why do we get many of these people on here? lmao
Apologies, but I could not find any other medium through which I can do an evaluation.

As for the reasons "these people" get on here -
  1. "These people" think of you guys as rockstars and helpful
  2. Your opinions matter a lot to "these people"
Let me know in case you are still not clear on the reasons.


Joy Pathak

What do you define as safe universities? Have you got into these universities ? Or safe to get accepted? Or safe to get a job thereafter.

Just look at acceptance levels of the universities and decide safe if that is the criteria.