Profile Evaluation - 2022

Hi All,

Looking for some feedback on my profile for MFE's in 2022

Degree: Applied Economics from a Canadian University (3.75/4.3 GPA, better in quantitative courses)
Experience: 2 years working at the Bank of Canada in macroeconomic modelling
GRE: 328: 168Q, 160V, 4.5 AWA (also have a GRE of 329, 167Q-162V-4 but the higher quant score is better, right?)
Technicals: Advanced experience in MATLAB, basic experience in python. Machine learning certificate

- Princeton
- Columbia
- Chicago

What do you think of my chances? Should I do more to pivot away from Economics and more toward Financial Engineering?
Hey , very nice profile.
I think that you have your chances in most of the schools you mentioned.
From my experience, I strongly advise you to take some online courses in ML but also in PDE and numerical analysis in case you haven't done some at uni.
Also, you should include other schools as a B choice in case (not necessary less prestigious but some with less strong admission requirements).
Your GRE is very good as your English score is really amazing.

Do not hesitate if you have any questions.