Profile Evaluation and MSc Help

Hi guys, hope everything Ok.

I am looking for some adivce as I am a bit confused about what to do..

About me: I am 24 to turn 25 in november. I pursed a bachelor's degree in mathematics (6.4/10) in Spain, in my end of degree project I tried to price exotic options in an efficiently way than montecarlo simulation does, using MC tecniques. Then I started to work in a bank in Spain, in a rotational program. I am currently in a market risk role (seccond rotation) . At the same time, I studied a post-graduate course in quantitative finance (7.8/10) (2020-2021).

The point is that I want to work in quantitative finance, I would really like enter in a quant role or quant research. What is better for me to do?
- Try to get a job in a quant role.
- Apply in a MSc for 2022-2023. If this is the case, which courses do you recommend in order to increases my chances to break into in quant finance?

I got a 700 in GMAT but have not taken the TOEFL exam yet.

I would like to get advice on MSc that would help me to get a job in a quant role and also where i have possibilities to enter regarding my profile.

Thank you so much!

What I saw: Baruch MFE, ETH data science, UCL computational finance/Computational Statics and Machine learning....