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Profile Evaluation and University Suggestions


Please help me decide programs to apply to.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (GPA 8.0/10)
GRE 332 (Quant 170)
Moderate SOP and LORs
No work experience

Programs I'm currently looking at : Illinois, Rutgers, UT Dallas, NJIT, Stevens, Claremont, Rennslaer, Florida State

Also applying to TUM Munich, Erasmus Rotterdam, EPFL, KU Leuven in Europe.

Please advice me about programs I should apply to or my chances of admission.



IMHO, you are being too conservative. I would apply exclusively to top programs if I were in your shoes.
Hey, thanks for your input. There are a few limitations that I've got:
1. My degree is a 3-year Bachelors degree (not all universities accept it)
2. No internships or work experience
3. As I'm quite late, deadlines for a lot of programs are over.

I'm looking to apply to CMU as well (its a long shot but might as well). Any other ambitious programs you could suggest?


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1. Graduating in 3 years is a plus, since you're not applying to the research-focused programs
2. That could be a problem, but I would rather have a gap year than enrolling in the programs that won't help build up my personal brand
3. That's true, so it's really up to you

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I don't think NJIT offers the master's in financial mathematics anymore (in terms of accepting new students), unless you're just talking about the applied math program. You might want to confirm.

(I took a stochastic calculus course through that program several years ago, and there were discussions that the program could be wound down due to competitive/economic considerations; I talked to the program director around this time last year and he confirmed it is in runoff status.)
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