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Profile Evaluation for MFE 2021

Hi all,

I am planning to apply for MFE for 2022. I have done Mechanical Engineering from India (BITS) and am currently working in J.P. Morgan in their Investment banking division (middle office).
My work is related to issuing derivative products for clients so have a decent knowledge on variety of products and daily use derivative concepts, thus making me interested in Financial Engineering. In my undergrad I have done many courses related to finance like Derivatives, Security Analysis, Econometrics, Probability and Stochastics, programming etc.

GRE: 170 Q, 158 V and AWA 4.

Would be really grateful if anyone could help me classify the universities. I am thinking to apply to these universities

CMU, MIT (Mfin), Columbia (MFE), NYU Courant

U Chicago, NYU Tandon, GaTech

NCSU, U Washington

I don't want to apply to UCB as their program is very CS heavy and I don't have much programming skill (although am currently practicing on LeetCode) and Machine Learning knowledge and also not to UCLA as I find their program to be more business oriented. Are there any other program that I should consider and is this classification fine?

I eventually want to end up quant trading, wouldn't mind ending up in risk either as there are more roles there and better WLB. Really appreciate any and every help!
Hey Hitorioo

Your profile seems really good!

Might I suggest looking at Columbia's financial mathematics programme as well?

Best of luck!