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Profile Evaluation for MFE 2022

Hi All,

Could you please help me evaluate my profile for MFE 2022

1) Graduated from top IITs in Mathematics and Computing- CGPA- 7.65, good to decent grades in statistics and programming courses
2) 1 summer internship and 1-year job experience in BB in the Algorithmic Trading field
3) 2 research papers, 1 in works, all in the field of Mathematical finance
4) GRE- 320- 168 Quant, 152 Verbal, 4 AWA
5) Good coding skills in python, C++ and kdb+ database.

Ambitious Targets-
1) Princeton
2) Columbia
3) Baruch
4) UOT
5) Imperial College
6) MIT

1) Georgia
2) Chicago
3) NYU Tandon
4) Cornell

Wanted to know what would be realistic ambitions?
Will the GRE score of Quant-168 affect my chances or I should take it again on October end ?

Thank you!!
I don't think you'd need to write GRE again. 168 on quant is about the median score for admits in schools you've mentioned. However, in my opinion, Georgia Tech, Cornell and Chicago also seem ambitious. You might want to look into Boston University as well. Best of luck!