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Profile Evaluation for MFE 2022

Hi all,
I'm considering applying for MFE in 2022, below are my credentials :

a) GRE, Quant : 170, Verbal : 152, AWA: 4
b) Undergrad in Aerospace Engineering CGPA : 7.5/10, Postgrad CGPA - 9.33/10 Both from tier 1 institute from India (IIT)
c) 1 conference paper where I'm primary author, is top tier conference in it's field in USA.
d) Working since 3 years in Investment Banking (not Front office, but work very closely with trader. generally includes pricing, risk analytics, Quant strategy development etc.). Currently working on building automated trading system for the desk. Have completed Udacity (not Udemy!) certification on Machine Learning Engineering. Good experience in Python, working with Q and KDB as well nowadays .

Career plan:
I want to work in a quant trading role where I'm working on quant development along with execution etc. If not this, then I want to go for quant research work.

My main concern is that during my undergrad, I underperformed during initial 2 years which is when I took the maths courses, so even though I was able to salvage my CGPA, my math grades are bad. Do I have a realistic chance at any top 10 programs ?

Thanks for your time.
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I am in the same boat as you regarding undergrad. Your post-grad GPA is impressive though, any math/computing courses?
All Maths courses are pretty much C or D grades. Most of the maths courses are in first 2 years and I didn't do great during those. Once I realised I need to brush up on Maths in later years, I got my GPA up.