Columbia MSOR Profile Evaluation for MSOR, Stanford MSEM, and Cornell IEOR,thx!

Ver Ronika

New Member
Hi everyone, I'm graduating from college and planning to apply for a master's program. Would you pls evaluate my profile? Really not sure what level I'll be among all applicants.

School: Penn state.
Major: IE (GPA 3.9+)
Minor: Maths (GPA 4.0 so far)
Overall GPA 3.8+

GRE Math: 170
GRE Verbal: 152 (Vocab kills me... will try again later)

familiar with C++, R and VBA

Got a certificate of FE and Risk Management from Columbia university (Coursera online)

15 months intern experience (2 companies), IE related.

I wonder if I'll have a shot on MSOR Columbia, MSEM Stanford and IEOR Cornell.

Thanks for your time!