profile evaluation for UCB

Hello, I want to apply to UCB for MFE Spring 2022 along with several other programs.
Can you please evaluate my profile and let me know if I have a good chance of getting an admit? Below are the details:

1. Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Bombay (top engineering college of India) in 2014. GPA: 7.4/10. Got lots of 9/10 grades in last 2 years. Also gt undergraduate research award 1.
2. Completed masters in Computational Science from University of Amsterdam (received scholarship worth 50K Euro) in 2016.
3. Worked as a quantitative analyst with ex-Deutsche Bank director for 14 months in Mumbai.
4. Currently working at an AI company as data scientist, involved in trading small and medium cap pharma stocks(over 2 years work exp)
5. Other 1-2 work exp include data analysis/simulation experience
6. GRE Score: previous score was 321(169 Q, 152 V, 4AWA)
7. Prev Toefl score was 95 (certainly English is not my strength)

Thank you so much