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I have already posted something like this but some stuff changed and I would like to have new advice. I have applied for Columbia and Berkeley MFE and I will apply for NYU math of finance, Baruch and Carnegie Mellon.

I am 21 and I completed my bachelor in July in Economics and Management in Italy at Luiss, my GPA was 29.33/30 and my degree grade was 110 cum laude/110.

Bachelor thesis on Python about Stochastic Processes and Option Pricing with MC, Lattice method and Black-Sholes
Enrolled in 3 courses at Luiss in Mathematics, which are over and I will take the exams around May (so I miss at this point proof of my mathematical skills).
IELTS: 7.5
3-months internship as Credit Data Analyst at American Express, not at all quantitative but I leant and did some projects on VBA.
A current full-time job since 2 months ago at Morgan Stanley in Risk Management as Market risk analyst stress testing (still not quantitative but I learn about financial products and I code in SQL and VBA).
C++ certificate with Distinction
R basics certificate
Just taken the GRE, Q:168 V:159

Do I have good chances against the quantitative ninjas out there? What do you think? What should I do to improve my chances, retake GRE and aim to 170, or give priority to other stuff? I want to take a course about ODE and PDE and another about Machine Learning from ColumbiaX. Maybe I should focus on these other projects... My objective is Berkeley but wherever I enter this year in above-mentioned unis I will go.
Share your thoughts and thank you very much !!!
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The Baruch college c++ Programming for Financial Engineering. I completed it with Distinction some weeks ago