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Profile evaluation MFE/MSF

Could someone please help evaluate my profile:

Nationality: Indian
Age: 24
Undergrad: Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering) - CGPA - 8.01/10
School: Tier 2 college in India
GMAT - 750 (Q49, V44)
Work Experience- Worked in a Tech role in Accenture( non- finance) 3 years experience.
No CFA Certifications, planning to take L1 by Feb 2021.

Other items relevant to the application- Certificate Program in Fintech from my undergrad school( 1 sem course with faculty from industry and B School), Undergraduate project - Risk modelling-credit risk

My top choice is the QCF program at Georgia Tech. Do I stand a fair chance and what other colleges are possibility within my reach provided I have strong LORs and SOPs?

Thanks for the feedback.