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Profile Evaluation - MFE

Hi Guys,

I require feedback on my profile. I'm very keen on doing a MFE but have certain concerns regarding my profile. Hence, I'm looking for feedback on how I can improve my profile.

GRE 316 (Q162, V154)

Educational Background: Mechanical Engg, BITS (tier 1 college)
Decent GPA ( around 3.5)

Work Experience

1. Sales in MNC company. (3 years)
2. Currently work as an independent( self employed) algorithm trader.

I'll be giving CFA lvl1 in Dec and FRM in June.

How does my profile compare with other MFE profiles. I'm not able to gauge given my prior work ex.

Okay. I will work on that but I wanted to know if my prior experience in sales would be a cause of bother. All other aspects I would be working on.

Thanks for your feedback.