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Dear all,

I plan to apply to MFE next fall and would really appreciate some feedback on my chances of getting into best schools.

I've done my undergrads and Masters at Mechanical Engineering at my hometown Uni in Croatia. Got a number of Dean's and Rector's awards and led the University's formula studenrt team for 2 years. Was also best undergraduate student and a student teaching assistant in all Mathematics courses.

I was invited to do a Mechanical Engineering PhD at a top 3 University in the Uk and I accepted the offer. A year into it and I spent more time doing some finance research so I decided to take a year of and pursue an MFE.

I believe my maths skills are pretty good. I have some background in statistics and stochastic processes. I know how to price derivatives in multiperiod markets,.. Nothing too special.

I code in c++ and will also enroll into quantnet's course. Definitely need to work more on this area.

My biggest weakness is that I have no work experience in finance.

Thoughts and advice?


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Maybe worth adding.

GMAT score: 750.
Recommendations from my PhD supervisor, Dean of my Master's Uni and my Maths teacher.