Profile Evaluation & Questions on the substitute program of MFE

Zhichun ZHAO

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Undergrad: Economics
Courses Taken: Econometrics,Linear Algebra, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Calculus I & II , Stochastic Process, Time Series Analysis, Analytics in Python, C++ Programming for Financial Engineering(Baruch), Data Structure, ODEs, Data Driven Model(Machine Learning).
Professional Experiences: 2 months of quantitative trading research intern; 2 months of investment advisor intern;

I'm a senior student in Beijing and now study in America as an exchange student in 2019fall. I'm about to apply for a MFE program in America. I'm worrying about which program I'm eligible to apply for?

And is the Data Science or BA master program a good second choice if it is too hard to apply for a MFE?

Great Thanks!
Apply to WorldQuant University. It's online, and free. It has a lower-level of accreditation in the US, but that's being worked on. However, is your goal Quant, or just the quant degree? Skills get jobs, not degrees. Almost any program that will build the skill, will do. In the "top school" clamor, this may be hard to believe, but just browse 100 or so profiles of Quants on LinkedIn. Preferably, not folks in NYC. =)

Your profile is good enough for an MFE! Apply ASAP and be confident.
Data Science is a bit interdisciplinary like an MFE. A DataSci program might not have the high-level math, but an MFE can often lack high-level programming.