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Profile Evaluation: UK Universities

Hi all, I am a second year Ms in Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University with a GPA of 3.85/4.0. I did my graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, India and graduated First Class with honours. I am looking to apply to top UK Financial Engineering/Financial Analysis course at top UK unis like Imperial, LBS, LSE and UCL. I have a comprehensive background in mathematics and programming thanks to Graduate level courses in PDEs, ODEs, Linear Algebra, Matrices. I am currently also enrolled in a Graduate level Statistics Class which should prove my background in statistics and probability.

I am proficient in programming in languages like C++, Python, Matlab and R.

I am currently also taking an online course on Machine Learning techniques in Finance using Python offered by the NYU on coursera.

I would like to gauge the kind of chance I stand when I apply for these programmes.

PS: I am also planning to take my CFA Level 1 in June before my course starts, so would there be any advantage for me to put it in my personal statement even though I will not have completed it.

My GRE quant score is 170.