Profile Evaluation (Updated with GRE Scores)

Hi everyone,

Kindly advise on my chances of getting into the following MFE/Quantitative Finance programs:

-University of Chicago
-Georgia Institute of Technology
-University of Washington
-Boston University
-NYU Tandon
-North Carolina State
-North Carolina at Charlotte

Gender: M. Ethnic Background: White/European. American Citizen.

Here are some of my accomplishments and skills:

-May 2017 BS Mathematics graduate, 3.35 GPA (courses in Calc 1-3, DiffEq, Real Analysis I&II, Complex Analysis, Probability Theory, Topology, Advanced Linear Algebra, and few actuary courses [FM, P, MLC]). Top 100 ranked from US News National University in New York.

-Full time work experience as a Pricing Analyst for an aviation engineering company. I've been there for 6 months already immediately after graduation and looking to stay for a year until I get in a program (hoping for Fall 2018).

Job summary:
  • Develop integrated pricing models and cost analysis for aircraft component repair

  • Forecast revenue/profit margins and present analyses and recommendations to executive management team

  • Prepare business proposals, validate bills of material pricing, and leverage budget analysis to maximize revenue and mitigate risk
-GRE Score: Q: 166, V: 153, Writing: Did not come in yet but I'm anticipating a 4.5.

-Financial representative internship at Northwestern Mutual during my undergrad.

-Letters of Rec: 1) Calculus 1 & 2 Teacher's Assistant. This professor, who is the director of calculus at the university I graduated from, is writing my recommendation letter. 2) My math professor for advanced probability/stats, and 2 actuary courses in MLC (part I and II). I did very well in his classes. B, A-,A respectively. 3) My former manager who was the previous pricing analyst and trained me. He now is in a new office for the same company for a different opportunity, leaving me to run the business development department on my own. I expect strong letters from all 3.

-Limited knowledge of C++, Python, and Access. Haven't formally learned programming but I will most porbably take Baruch's C++ pre MFE course for C++ certification before starting in the Fall. Currently messing around with Visual Studio C compiler with my friend who is an IT developer at my job who is willing to teach me C++. I have advanced Excel skills though as I use it heavily at my job every day.

-Private math tutor for with over 80 hours of tutoring and 5/5 star rating for all levels of math up to calculus 1.

Please let me know if you think my profile is strong enough to gain acceptance for certain schools based on my experience. If you have any more questions to evaluate my profile do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for your time and I appreciate your help.

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