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Profile Evaluation

Hi everyone,

Could you please advise on my chances of getting into a top MFE program.

I am an econ major. (I used to wanted to work in the non-quant part of investment bank)
-- I studied basic maths like calculus, algebra, partial differentiation, time-series, statistics, econometrics.
--Economic courses: advanced macro, advanced micro, monetary economics, game theory...
-- 3 Corporate Finance courses
-- No actual programming skills learnt during my undergraduate time (only SAS)
Studied in UK top 10 university, converted to US GPA is 3.7

After graduation I immediately started my current master study, MS applied analytics in Columbia University. Which is actually why I became very interested in quantitative finance. During this program I learned a bunch of programming skills and basic machine learning. I was working very hard during this program to making up my quant skills.
-- Programming skills learnt: Great at R and SQL; Okay with Python, Matlab and C++
-- I also took numerical analysis course and stochastic course;
-- Since I am in Columbia I took 4 core courses from the Columbia MathFin Program (Intro to mathematical Finance; Stochastic Methods in Finance; Programming for Quant and Comp Finance, and Quantitative Methods in Investment Management)

I do not have any full time working experiences. But I have done 4 summer internships (but only small companies):
-- 2 in China working in research team in private equity and asset management;
-- 1 in London working in Investment Banking as financial analyst;
-- Most recent one in New York in a brokerage firm doing machine learning and database management

I will graduate in this December and I want to apply for a MFE or MathFin program. Because I am an international student so I can only have OPT once. Therefore I want to use my OPT for when I finish my MFE program in the future.

So after I graduate I plan to work in China as Quant researcher in a big Investment Bank for a bit, and apply for MFE or MathFin for 2018 Fall or 2019 Fall (not yet decided).

I want to apply for a program with great placement (because I want to work in New York so so so so badly). Programs I really want to apply for
CMU, Columbia MFE, NYU MathFin
Probably will also apply for Columbia MathFin, Cornell, Chicago as backups.

Current GPA for my master program: 3.96
Previous GRE grade (should I re-take it?): 170(Q)+155(V)
passed CFA level 1 exam, going to take CFA level 2 in 2018 summer

What are my chances? And what skills should I improve on before applying?