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Profile Evaluation


I am an Indian student with a bachelor's in Computer Engineering from a well reputed university with a cgpa of 8.1/10 and the final year cgpa of 9.3/10. The following are a few more details regarding my profile:

  1. CFA L1 cleared
  2. FRM Part 1 given, pending results (mostly cleared)
  3. A few finance related online courses from edX and Coursera
  4. Taking the GRE mid-December (expecting 325+ according to Mock Tests)
  5. Two relevant internships (2 months and 4 months)
  6. Two projects developed based on machine learning and finance
  7. Published a paper in AJCT on the aforementioned project
I really wanted to know my chances at the various MS in financial engineering and related programs. It would be of great help if someone could guide me through this.
You are a pretty competitive candidate, just make sure you clarify your reasons for the application as you don't seem to have full time work experience. GS, MS do hire from campuses so it wouldn't hurt to work for a year or two and then apply for studies. But its your call. Good luck!