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Profile Evaluation:

Could someone please help evaluate my profile:

Nationality: Indian
Undergrad: Bachelors in Mechanical Engg. - CGPA - 8.4/10
School: Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi
GRE - 325 (170 quant 155 Verbal)
Toefl: 103
Work Experience- 20 Months at EXL services in Analytics for Credit card issuer
14 months at American Express in Credit Risk Modelling (will be 24 months by Jul’21)
Certifications: FRM level 1 cleared

What are my chances of getting into the below colleges:
1. Baruch MFE
2. Stony Brooke MS Quantitative Finance
3. University of Washington Computational Finance & Risk Management
4. NCSU - Fin Maths
5. GeorgiaTech - Quant and comp finance

Thanks for the feedback. Help is much appreciated.