Profile Evaluation

Hi! Could someone evaluate my profile please? I'm an Econ major looking to get into quant after my undergrad.

  • Indian, Age 20.
  • Undergrad (in progress): NTU, Singapore. Economics with a minor Computing & Data Analysis. GPA 4.86/5 (3.91 on a 4-point scale).
  • GRE: yet to take. Target 325+.
  • Work ex:
    • Internship at big fund management company, India. Investment intern (mainly coding in Python).
    • Incoming internship at data science start-up in the FMCG sector. Data analysis, engineering and visualisation. Model deployment, AWS, NoSQL.
  • Coursework:
    • Math: basics in Linear Algebra, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Differential Equations; intermediate-advanced Probability and Statistics (probability distributions, conditional densities, joint densities, etc); intermediate-advanced Econometrics, Econometric Modelling and Forecasting (in R); basics in Mathematical Finance (stochastic processes, Itô's Lemma); plan to take Calc III
    • Finance: specialising in Finance; Corporate Finance, Mathematical Finance, Business Finance, Money & Banking, Financial Economics
    • Programming: intermediate Python (computational thinking, data analysis), basic C/C++ (data structures), [Excel/VBA], intermediate R (econometric modelling and forecasting)
  • Research projects:
    • Studying LinkedIn Profile Data. Data science project in Python.
    • Final Year Project: experimental economics project on studying dark pools.

Applying to the top programmes in the US, and the NTU programme.
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Looks great to me. If you have strong recommendations and a good statement of purpose you should get into most top programs