Profile Evaluation

Can someone please help evaluate my profile?

1) GRE (170Q/ 153V)
2) Undergraduate from one the top NITs (7.77/10)
3) A Masters degree in Economics from a tier one university in India. (8.32/10)
4) FRM Level 1 cleared
5) Working for Wells Fargo in Auto/PPNR models.( Just started 3 months ago)

I have a bachelors degree knowledge of maths.(Real, Topology, Linear, Statistics, Probability, Measure Theory and little bit of stochastic calculus). I hope i can get some LORs from my professors who have taught me math-heavy subjects.

How good are my chances into getting into a good program? Do I have any chance in any of the top 10?

Any suggestions or criticisms please?
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Solid Math background,what's your programming knowledge like? That would be quite important for the top 10.
Overall I think you have a great shot at some of the top 5 too if you write your essays well and get good recommendation letters.
Thanks a lot for the reply
I have only a basic knowledge of python, but nevertheless am working towards it. I am not well versed in anything else, did some C++ during my school but no progress after that.
Is focusing on just one programming language, like python good enough?
Yeah Python would be nice. Extensive knowledge/experience in one programming knowledge is enough. Even though,C++ or Java would be ideal,Python works too as there's a lot of data science coursework in the top programs now. Just make sure you your recommenders speak about your programming prowess as well.