Profile Evaluation

Hi, Can someone please evaluate my profile?

1. GRE: 170 Q/151V
2. Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Tier 1 college in India ( CGPA: 8.3/10)
3. Masters in Financial Economics from one of the sought after colleges for economics ( CGPA: 8/10)
4. Pursuing Actuarial Science, cleared 9 papers.
5. Close to 2 years of work ex in JP Morgan & Chase in Home Lending Credit Forecasting as a Credit Risk Analyst. I have been working on data anaytics for loss reserving for CECL, CCAR and budget exercises.

Pursuing Actuarial science has given me exposure to a wide range of financial engineering topics and my background in Mathematics makes me well verse with maths analytical subjects such as Linear Algebra, Real Analysis etc. I had programming courses in my Masters course for R programming and Python and work ex has given me exposure to SAS and basic Python.

I can manage an LOR from my professors.For Actuarial science I have been discussing and working on content with an Actuary from the IFOA, UK who is also a chair of the institute and is willing to provide an LoR.

Please advice how I can enhance my profile and what are my chances? Thanks in advance.
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