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Hi all,

Looking for some feedback on my profile regarding MFE programs fall 2022:

  • GRE: Q 167 V 155 AWA 4.5; IELTS 8 band
  • Undergrad – Top NIT in India, Electronics and communication, GPA: 8.03/10
  • I have 8 and above grades in all the mathematics, probability and programming subjects
  • Final year thesis on deep learning, 1 moderate LOR from project guide
  • Data analysis Intern in telecom company
  • Basic Deep learning certification from coursera
  • 2.5 years work ex in Top US based bank as Python developer in Capital Markets:
  • Worked on RLEN and RLAP report submission to the Federal government
  • Won 2 innovation awards in the organization for the above project
  • 2 really strong LORs from Tech manager and Business Manager both from US
  • No research experiences
  • 1 portfolio management project using machine learning for hackathon in the organization
  • 2nd place in the organization hackathon for project in NLP

Also, I want to know if below achievements are worth mentioning in the resume or sop:

  • Texas Instruments Design challenge quarter finalist from India
  • First in city for High school board exam
  • Received state government scholarship for higher education to be in top 1% in the board exams
  • Robotics lab experience in college for 2 years (MATLAB and Deep learning, not sure if this is relevant)
I have financial experience in the regulatory services, but no qualification. Not in a position to study for CFA right now. I have the below shortlisted unis:

  • University of Texas, Dallas - MS in financial technology and analytics
  • Rochester Institute of technology - MS in Finance
  • University of North Carolina, Charlotte – Masters in Mathematical Finance
  • Stevens Institute of technology – Masters in Financial engineering and Masters in Financial analytics
  • UCLA – Masters in Financial Engineering
  • Stony Brook University – Masters in Quantitative Finance
  • Rutgers – Masters in Quantitative Finance
  • Georgia Tech – Masters in Quantitative Finance
  • NYU Tandon – Masters in Financial Engineering
  • University of California Berkeley - Masters in Financial Engineering
  • CMU – Masters in computational Finance
Please offer any tips or advice to increase my chances in getting a good university.
Really appreciate your help guys!
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